Health Mapper and iOS 8

21 October 2014
Health Mapper and iOS 8

Apple recently released their operating system update iOS 8. We've taken advantage of some new features to make Health Mapper even better:

Touch iD

It's important that your health tracking remains private to you. If you have an iPhone 5S and above, then you can lock and unlock Health Mapper using your unique fingerprint. If others are using your device, they won't be able to view your health data unless you grant them access.

To activate Touch iD, go to 'Menu > Account settings' and turn 'Touch iD' on.

Notification Centre Widget

Now you don't even have to open Health Mapper to see see a summary of all your health data. We've built a handy widget for the Notification Centre.

To Activate the Health Mapper widget, pull the Notifications Centre down from the top of the screen, select 'Today', scroll down, and press 'Edit', then turn Health Mapper on.

Interactive notifications

Interactive notifications help you to remember to track at a time that suits you, whilst also helping you remember to take your medication.

To turn on tracking or medication reminders in Health Mapper, go to 'Menu > Reminder settings'.

HealthKit (coming very soon!)

The big one. We're integrating with Apple's HealthKit platform so you can see your symptom, medication and measurement tracking alongside data that's been created by other health apps, devices and accessories. Perhaps you'd like to see your total steps in a day alongside your symptoms, or data from a blood pressure device or a set of smart scales. That's now possible and this data can be included in the Health reports you create and show the doctor.

Download the latest version of Health Mapper - complete with iOS 8 features - on the App Store.

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