A quick guide to health mapping.

04 June 2014
Screenshot of Health Mapper

Health Mapper helps you get perspective on your health condition, share condition information with the doctor and spot triggers and changes in your symptoms. Here's how it works:

1. Create an account

Not essential, but if you do want to register an account we’ll be able to securely and privately back up your tracking in the cloud. If you lose or upgrade your phone, you can easily transfer your data. We’re also hoping that – in the not too distant future – you’ll be able to use your account to log into the Health Mapper website for viewing and adding tracking via your web browser.

2. Set your condition

The app comes with 31 different conditions hard-coded. If your health condition isn’t on that list then you can quickly and easily add it. You can track multiple conditions also.

3. Set your tracking variables

This is where you define what you want to track. You can set any symptom or medication associated with your condition, plus any other variables that are important to your health like exercise, diet, sleep, stress - anything you like. Sometimes the doctor might ask you to go away and record a certain measurement (e.g. peak flow, weight, mood, blood sugar, etc). These variables can also be logged using Health Mapper.

4. Set reminders

We are aware that life is hectic, and there are plenty of other things you want to be doing besides tracking your health! We’ve added a reminder function to the app so you can get a friendly nudge to track at a time that suits you – like just before bed. Health Mapper also allows you to set up medication reminders.

5. Start tracking

You can track as often or as little as you like. The diary area of the app is the home of all your tracking input. Tap a day to add tracking. All of the variables that you set up during sign up (see Step 3, above) will be presented to you on your tracking form. We’ve intentionally designed the tracking experience to be easy and quick - so you can get on with life. Score your symptoms ‘None, Some or Alot’, set your medication for the day and track any other variables. 

6. Analyse your tracking

It won’t be long before you’ve built up enough tracking data to start analysing your health. We’ve designed the ‘analyse’ feature within the app to allow you to:

  • See how one symptom compares to another.
  • See how a change in medication might have affected your symptoms.
  • See how a symptom has played out over time.
  • See the effect an increase/decrease in exercise, sleep or something in your diet affects symptoms.

7. Create a health report

Health Mapper ‘reports’ allow you to visualise and export all of your tracking over a time period of your choice. The ‘reports’ feature has been designed for people wishing to show their doctors, nurses and specialists how they have been since their last appointment. Reports can be printed straight from the app and taken to the clinician, who can quickly see how you’ve been, and attach your report to your medical record – ideal for saving precious time during short appointments!

Health Mapper is the latest health app from Prosper and is free to download from the App Store now. For updates please enter your email in the ‘get email updates’ box, or visit our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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