What's New in 1.2?

22 December 2014

The latest version of Health Mapper (now available on the App Store) offers two bold new features: integration with Apple Health; and the introduction of 'notes' on your tracking screen.

Apple Health App Integration

Health Mapper can now send and receive data to and from Apple's HealthKit. You can track and analyse your symptoms, medication and measurements alongside data that's been created by your other apps and devices — things like daily steps, walking and running distance, weight, heart rate and blood pressure.

Connecting Health Mapper to HealthKit is easy. If you already have a Health Mapper account, make sure you have the most recent version of the app, go to your tracking settings and then visit 'Measurements'. From here you can activate HealthKit variables.

If you're new to Health Mapper, download the app and make your way through the setup steps, you'll see HealthKit items when you get to the 'Measurements' screen.

Add Notes To Your Tracking

Health Mapper already allows you to score your symptoms for a day and enter your medication and measurements. We've now also added an optional 'notes' field so that you can write in more detail about your health.

Perhaps something out of the ordinary occurred that would be worth noting, like a cold or a particularly stressful incident during the day.

All notes will remain private to you and will be securely stored with the rest of your tracking. 

Other Updates

We've also tweaked the app in a few other areas:

• Export the charts you create within the Analyse tool. You can then send your charts over email or print them from the app.

• When setting up a custom condition you can now pick from all variables in the system, rather than typing each in.

• For those of you tracking your blood pressure, we've improved the charting tool so your diastolic and systolic charts have the same Y-axis — making your charts more useful.

Download the latest version of Health Mapper on the App store…

Please do get in touch with any questions or comments. Adiós!


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